Cool Stuff in Paris. By Manning Leonard Krull.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Introducing Cool Stuff in Paris!

Your host, Manning Leonard Krull
Welcome to Cool Stuff in Paris, your guide to the the coolest and weirdest stuff in Paris, France. This website and blog are a directory of my personal favorite stuff in Paris: strange attractions, creepy museums, awesome restaurants and bars, bizarre public art, fun events and day trips, and much more. My name is Manning Leonard Krull. I'm an American web designer and travel junkie who's been living in Paris since 2005. All the content on the site is written by me, about my real experiences in this amazing city. This is really and truly all my favorite stuff. Subscribe to this blog to see links to all new articles as they go up, as well as snippets of interesting things from my every day life in Paris. You can also follow CoolStuffParis on Twitter to see all updates. Thanks for reading! Safe travels,  

Manning Leonard Krull

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