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Monday, October 26, 2009

More Halloween in Paris — Peur sur le Parc Astérix!

Peur sur le Parc Astérix — Fear at Astérix Park!

I saw this poster in the Métro today and thought I should mention it as another thing going on in (well, near) Paris in addition to the stuff I wrote about in my Halloween in Paris article the other day.

I've never been to Parc Astérix myself, but I've heard — somewhat to my surprise — that it's really fun!

Astérix, if you're not aware, is the star of a French comic book series that's been around since the late 50s, about the last village in Gaul (i.e. France before it was France) whose warriors manage to hold out against the Romans, thanks to the magic potion whipped up by the town druid. Astérix comics helped me a lot with learning French in the first year that I lived over here! I'd barely ever heard of him in the States, but he's absolutely huge here. He's practically the French Mickey Mouse. I don't know what they've got going on at his park for Halloween, but that bottom headline on the poster says, "You're going to love being scared!"

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