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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Les Arènes de Lutèce in the snow

Les Arènes de Lutèce is ancient Roman arena hidden in Paris' 5th arrondissement. (I have an article about the place here, with some photos in nicer weather.) I stopped by recently and took some pictures of the arena in the snow, which was lovely, but I'm mostly posting these for the great signs I found just outside...

I love this "no drinking in the park" sign (and also no picking flowers!).

Closeup: vin, bière.

It was so nice and quiet and peaceful to wander around Les Arènes de Lutèce in the snow.

Haha, "This zone is open, [but] be careful!"

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  1. Thanks for this site, I have been to Paris a ton of times, go at least once a year with my husband and yet I have found 2 places to visit and at leats 3 restaurants I want to go to from your site.
    Thanks so much!
    If you know of any gems happening 1st weekend of March 2012 please let me know!


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