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Monday, February 6, 2012

Notre Dame under the winter sun

A few weeks ago I was walking across the Pont de la Tournelle, leading onto the Île Saint-Louis, when I noticed that the back of Notre Dame was getting some really pretty (and rare for Paris in winter) sunlight.

I usually only take pictures when I have a specific article in mind that I want to write; this time was just because it hit me, as it often does, that Paris is gorgeous and wonderful.

(I do have an article that I wrote about Notre Dame a long time ago, with another pretty picture, here.)


  1. This is just gorgeous. I love the light in Paris - wish I was there right now! Thanks for posting the photo.

  2. Wonderful wbsite

  3. Thanks for posting this photo. It really is gorgeous! It reminds me so much of my latest trip to Paris. I visited the city with my sister last year, we booked a Paris serviced apartment for a month and literally just indulged in ourselves! We did all the usual tourist stuff, including visiting the Notre Dame. This was one of my favourite things to do in Paris... It was pretty full of tourists (Here is me complaining when that is exactly what I am!!) But hey, after about two weeks, my sister and I "acted" like true Parisians, grabbed a freshly baked baguette, some authentic French Brie and people watched under our sunglasses and coffees :)

    Such a great website, and an amazing photo for bringing me back some great memories! Will be returning here for when I plan my next trip to paris!! :)


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