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Monday, June 18, 2012

Fountain behind l'église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis

Haha, this is rich; I was wandering around the Marais with a friend, and we noticed this nice fountain, situated directly behind l'église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis (which is beautiful and very much worth visiting, by the way). I spied the roman numerals "MDCCCXL" up at the top and started trying to figure out the date out loud, and my friend started to help. (Is it worth mentioning that we were kind of halfway drunk?) Then I noticed some helpful person had climbed up on the fountain and scribbled "1840" in good ol' normal modern-people numbers. Thanks, mystery person who's good at roman numerals! You saved me a lot of complicated thinking, for which I am not suited.

Incidentally, I cropped the bottom of the fountain out of the picture; the date is about twelve feet up off the ground! I miss being young enough to be climbing up on fountains and vandalizing them pedantically.
Anyway, I'm glad I zoomed in to take this picture of the date, because otherwise I wouldn't have noticed the tiny lil' dragon at the top of that arch. Not to mention the fish monster off to the right. Good stuff.

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