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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paris Métro station names interpreted literally – photos by Janol Apin

Oh man, this is so cool! Les noms des stations de métro pris au pied de la lettre – Photographies de Janol Apin — Métro station names interpreted literally, photos by Janol Apin.

A couple of these are cultural references that even I don't get after living in France for years and years, but most of them are fairly obvious and fun and clever. Check 'em out!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


During all my time in central Paris, I was always fascinated by these posts that come out of the street to regulate traffic. Some streets are pedestrian-only during certain parts of the day and open to cars at other times, and these posts keep the cars out. But what if you're unfortunate enough to be driving over them right when they're coming up? Well, fortunately there are traffic lights in place to tell you to stop when the posts are going to pop up. But if you run the light, which happens all the time in Paris, you might be in for trouble!

I saw this taxi on Rue Montmartre one morning. I love how his license plate popped off and is just sitting there in front of the car.


Say bonjour to my little friend.

I present to you, dear readers, one of my favorite stupid and nonsensical things in all of Paris:

This place was/is right down the street from my old apartment in Pigalle, just below Place Blanche, where the Moulin Rouge is. Note they even put a Scarface poster on the door in case you didn't get the reference. What I wish they'd put up is a poster explaining why they're making the reference.

Attention au vampire

I bumped into this sign a while back up in MontMartre, on Rue Lepic. It stayed up for a few days. I never did find that vampire.

Artwork on Rue Chapon

This piece used to be right outside my apartment on the edge of the Marais. I have no idea who these people are or if these photos might have been taken at my building; if so, the door has been changed since then.
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