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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Métronome; Voltaire and the Bastille

Here's another funny bit from Métronome by Lorànt Deutsch. From his chapter about the Bastille neighborhood and the history of the Bastille itself; it's the second and third paragraphs there...

Here's my clumsy but fairly direct translation...

Voltaire, author of a pamphlet that was found [by the authorities] to be displeasing, was imprisoned in the Bastille for eleven months in 1717. Upon his release, he received from Philippe d'Orléans, regent of the kingdom, a pension of a thousand écus [i.e. crowns]...

"— I thank His Highness for this, which he certainly intends to take care of my nourishment, but I pray instead that he no longer take care of my lodging," he replied.

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